A-1 Classic Maintenance

23457 Easterling Ave

Hazel Park, MI  48030


Phone – 248-546-1004                                              24 hour emergency

Fax      248-691-1345                                                services available

Cell 1  – 248-217-1680

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     We are a full service janitorial and maintenance Co. that has been in business since 1981.

There are hundreds of cleaning companies available to you, we believe that we are the right one!

Before hiring anyone, be sure to ask what kind of references do they have?

How  long have they been in business?

What kind of service do they offer?

How high are their standards?

What other services do they supply?

Are they dependable?


We follow the code of ethics that are set by the Building Service Contractors and have followed these basic fundamentals for more than 20 years in our Business.



  • To operate constantly in accordance with the best and fully accepted ethical business practices.
  • To comply with all applicable laws and federal, state and local government regulations.
  • To provide all services and products at fair, equitable and non-discriminatory charges.
  • To furnish adequate equipment, qualified personnel and products of high quality to achieve and maintain the highest standard of performance.
  • To provide courteous and prompt handling of all requests and complaints.
  • To recognize and respect the legal right of competitors in the true spirit of individual initiatives and free competitive enterprise.
  • To strive for continued improvement of the image and reputation of the industry by good business practices and enlightened public service in the community.
  • To contribute regularly to the improvement of the industry's public reputation.
  • To participate loyally in the industry's growth and progress through the activities and public interest efforts of the association.




Is your office looking kind of drab?

Has it lost that ‘new’ look?

Are you tired of seeing layers of dust and grime all over the furniture?

Sick of that nasty build-up in the bathrooms?

Embarrassed over your phones?

Ready for a company that will clean your
corners instead of cutting them?


We are a full service janitorial and maintenance company.

That means that we not only supply basic needs for cleaning your offices, but we take care of the maintenance required to keep things going smoothly. You won’t have to take the

time to figure out who will fix the stopped up drain, or will repair the fan

in the employee lounge.  You will no longer be bothered to make sure that the

cleaning is being done in a proper manner. You can spend time on more important things. Your business!!!

When it comes to spring cleaning, we’re the best!

You may want to think about throwing away more than your trash!

Throw away your problems.

We have been in business for 22 years and have lots of great references,

call us today to get a list of them.


We have each of our Employees fully insured and bonded.


Please email us today to get more information on
our services. We offer free quotes!